.:the reunion:.

as far as we are concerned, it is only a few days left before our grand reunion the next coming Saturday. the preparation of the said reunion has entered to the final stage and we will be releasing our event tentative in a few coming days. i know that everybody is looking forward to this historic moment since we haven't had any formal, exclusive and grand reunion like this before. even me and the other committee members are trembling and sweating like rocks and we are doing beyond our best just to make sure that this thing happen and most importantly to have this reunion a nostalgic moment that will be in mind and heart for years to come so that when we grow older in our life course and when we look back, we will proudly left a beautiful smile and said, "this was the moment that define friendship and love".

so, on behalf of the reunion committee, i would like to express our gratitude to all friends out there who have been supportive up until now. thank you for your warmest cooperation and i hope we could really enjoy the day that we called, "the reunion"


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